My new Apple iPhone 3G

Finally, after much deliberation, I got my iPhone 3G.

First impression? Awesome!!! The much talked about UI is really slick and unlike most phones available on the market.

Fun? Yes!!!

Intuitive? No!!!

Inserting the SIM for starters, was not intuitive and took a good five minutes to figure out where and how to insert the SIM. If not for Google, I would have definitely spent a lot more time trying to figure this one out. I finally got the answer on YouTube titled “How to insert a SIM card in an iPhone“.  (A quick discussion on this at work revealed I was not the only one having trouble doing this)

Making a phone call to someone is not as simple as selecting the name and clicking the phone icon. Infact, after selecting the name of the person you want to call, you have to “tap” on the mobile number. The number looks like plain text and not like a button/hyperlink.

Next, one would think that the silver/metallic button on the left of the phone is for the camera, (Similar to the Motorola L6, The Nokia and the Sony Ericsson K750i) but no, This button is for controlling the volume of the ring tone. I then thought that the “Home” button would be the one for taking pictures once you are in the Camera mode. However, this again is not the case as one has to tap the “camera” icon on the touch screen to take pictures. This is a challenge when you want to take a selfie. The lack of the tiny mirror does not make it easy either.

With the iPhone, I have to pay good attention and make a conscious effort to perform certain tasks. This is part of the learning curve just requires getting used to.

Applications on the iPhone are its trump card. There are tons of apps, paid and free that one can download.

So all in all, yes the UI is slick and does require you to explore the phone more and learn by trial and error. Unlike other phones available, where you don’t need to refer to a manual for inserting SIM cards, making calls etc. This is more due to the fact that the iPhone UI is not intuitive and requires a shift in thinking from the usual way of doing things.

The iPhone is engaging and does make for a richer, interesting experience. Probably the reason why the iPhone is so popular and does well compares to the others in the market.

Will play around more with my new toy and post my thoughts as I learn to use it more efficiently.

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