Office Button and the Google favicon

It happened a few days ago and again yesterday afternoon.

A colleague was working on Microsoft Office Word 2007 for the first time and as I walked passed he asked, “I know this is a real dumb one, but do you know where the ‘Save as’ button is on this?”.

I could understand his confusion as I had been through it the first time I experienced Microsoft Office 2007 about a year ago. As usual, I used Ctrl + O to open a MS Word document and after modifying it a bit wanted to save it with another name.

I spent about five to six minutes trying to figure out how to do a “Save as”. I saw the “Save” icon but could not find the option to do a “Save as”. It was when I clicked the Microsoft logo on the top left, did I realise that that round MS logo was actually a button in disguise.

Infact, Microsoft even had to write in length about the Office Button.

The Office button sure fails in terms of usability as I have seen a number of folks get flummoxed trying to do a “Save as”. Not many users would know that the logo on the top left is actually a button for some pretty important tasks. And worse of, making it glow (seen this in MS Outlook) only adds to the fancy and makes it more “logo-ish” than “button-ish”.

Speaking of which anther giant – Google has come up with the new favicon. Of the many beautiful submissions here, I wonder what made them stick to this .

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