Audience Based Optimisation – The better way to SEO

While optimising for these Search Engine Spiders or Web Crawlers or Google bots makes sense in the marketing world, the real ROI is driven by your users – your target audience. Audience Based Optimisation is about creating and developing your site, or content, by keeping in mind the value it provides your target audience. This not only makes your site “findable”, but also engages your audience and increases the stickiness factor of your website.

(X)HTML alt vs title attributes Vs the TITLE tag

“alt” attributes are NOT “alt” tags. Phew! now that it’s out of the way lets proceed. During team meetings I often hear developers and designers throw in the term “alt ” tags when referring to the “alt” attribute. A few years ago, I too, used to refer to the “alt” attribute as an “alt” tag.… Continue reading (X)HTML alt vs title attributes Vs the TITLE tag